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Toyo rt vs at

toyo rt vs at The engineers at Toyo have managed to create a new tire that fills a significant void within the light truck segment. The Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire 35x1250R20 121Q is uniquely crafted to perfectly fit the requirements of full-size pick-ups that are driven by the diehard fanatics of the machine who would like to be assured of nothing but the best in performance categories that has to do with load-carrying capacity, extra ground clearance and off TOYO OPEN COUNTRY RT 285/75R16 126Q Tyroola offers you tyres for the best prices Fast delivery Largest selection of premium and value brands Save Money and Buy Online TOYO OPEN COUNTRY RT 285/75R16 126Q Tyroola. The RT-615 was revised several times, becoming the RT-615K and finally the RT-615K+, but no version could make it to the top of the heap in autocross and lapping. Our TOYO OPEN COUNTRY M/T tyre review ratings and TOYO OPEN COUNTRY M/T tyre comparison review are all from real customers who have purchased from Tyresales. Toyo Tires has been focused on making tires people love for 75 years. It's a full-length, in-depth article that outlines the differences between two tires that are so often cross-shopped, and I kind of figure the quad forum is a place Off-road performance meets on-road comfort with the all-new Open Country R/T. Liked the tire, loved the 285/75R18 size I just put the Toyo AT3's on my truck. We ordered up a set of 35x12. Data were analyzed using Microsoft . 1; 2; Next. Wheels & Tires - Toyo Open Country M/T vs Nitto Trail Grappler - So I've had some sales reps at 4x4 shops tell me bad things about both, and try to sell me the other. The Toyo Open Country R/T delivers an aggressive all terrain tread design with a rugged sidewall design. It’s part mud-terrain (M/T), part all-terrain (A/T). 0 efi T-5 scca track car 1984 K10 400hp sbc on 40s 1999 gmc 2500 - daily 2010 Caddi CTS - ol ladies ride 2018 TRD OP non-kdss, well armored, well used (6112s/650lb at 1. However, there are some notable differences that come up after these tires are tested. Nitro Ridge Grapler and possibly 2. Vs. it tows much better for sure. 5 Rancho Lift, 37x12. Drew Howlett, Falken: We define an “R/T” tire as a “hybrid” tire, in-between an “all-terrain” type tire and a traditional “mud-terrain” type tire. Nitto TERRA GRAPPLER G2 All-Terrain Radial Tire - 305/55-20 116S. Research the tire to what you plan to use it for is key #1. Overall, we think that the Toyo Open Country AT III is an amazing option for someone that wants an aggressive-looking tire but needs the daily drivability of an all-terrain. Toyo Open Country Q/T tire. toyotires. Toyo open country RT. 00 each. On and off road this tire excels at providing style, traction in all seasons, long wear and a great ride. KOII. 2. I have no Off Road experience to comment on at this time. On the low side, the Open Country RT comes with a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty. AjMag · Registered. I rode on both vehicles and I think that the R/Ts are fairly quiet on the road. Mastercraft is made by Cooper. Tire Size ? Fender Clear? Most Popular Mud Tires . Toyo’s Open Country A/T III, available now, will cover more than 70 SKUs ranging from 15- to 20-in. BB Wheels is a family owned & operated company with an A+ BBB rating and 5 star reviews, so call us today at 320-333-2155 to order your 33/12. Toyo Open Country AT3 vs RT (Good Read) Thread starter jrmitt808; Start date Feb 25, 2021; J. Toyo Open Country Off-road performance meets on-road comfort with the all-new Open Country R/T. And delivery is super fast. For specific questions Call Our Customer Service at 813-769-2451. Getting the Toyo's myself but our applications are worlds apart. Built rugged for any terrain, this powerful 4x4 tire offers excellent off-road traction, durable construction, and aggressive styling. 265/70-r17. rim diameters. Open Country R/T. Now have the STT PRO's and it is a better tire all the way around than the prior STT's. 50R20LT Toyo Open Country R/T features excellent levels of durability and treadwear, saving you money in the long run. Toyo: Toyo constantly watches the trends in the market, whether for new OE replacements sizes or new flotation applications. 5x20 on stock All Terrain wheels, Morimoto 4500K GMC Spec HID Kit, Morimoto XB foglights, Magnaflow 12909, 20% window tint all around, GM Bed Mat 2012 2500HD LT 4X2 CCSB LML, Silver Metallic, SOLD Toyo Open Country M/T Tires - Designed to help full-sized pickups work hard on pavement, then work just as hard when roads are muddy, snowy, and rocky?or when there are no roads at all. 5-17. Fuel Maverick 22x10 +10 w/ Toyo Open Country RT 35x12. RATED Available from: www. $322. Toyo RT Tires IGOTACUMMINS is an online community for all Cummins Turbo Diesel enthusiasts. Toyo MT vs. 9 53 lbs; Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Kevlar 265/75R16 E 54. With all of these exciting features, you should experience better stability and a quieter ride. Will be Toyo's Toyo's hands down!!! I read the earlier posts, if you are running a larger tire +35" your going to get some good life out of the toyo's because of the tire's rpm's. . Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 2 of 2 Posts. 50R17LT 121Q LRE 10-Ply. Toyo R/T. The &quote;XTREME&quote; series of Open Country A/T II light truck tires give you all the traction you need with more durability and longevity than the competition. I've had two set's of Toyo AT ll's and just put the 37" RT on my 2016 Dodge 2500. Per Tire: $864. Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. 50R16LT on a 16X10 Wheel at $379. When you choose Toyo, you make a statement. CYPRESS, Calif. TOYO rapid test, and . I have a 1500 Lone Star that will more than likely not ever go off-road and I drive quite a bit on the highway. My 4-38x14. And as far as the price they are all pretty much the same. Yes A/T will "last " longer I guess and TOYOS are spot on for mileage, but love the R/T anyways just on looks. au Toyo Open Country A/T II The Open Country A/T II is a new generation of all-terrain, 4WD tyre for drivers of 4x4s, SUVs and Utes looking for superior on- and off-road performance. Their unique design and manufacturing technologies deliver high-quality, long lasting tires for nearly every vehicle on the road, from light trucks, SUVs and CUVs to sports cars, luxury sedans and hybrids. I have done my best to discuss, at length, all the important characteristics of both the models. The Toyo Open Country R/T has a very interesting design. They seem quite puncture resistant in the deserts compared to my old Mickey Thompsons, and awful Wrangler Kevlar which wore out in 25,000km. And since you’re well-informed, you can decide what option is the most suitable for your vehicle, road condition, and any other personal requirements. Toyo Tires OPEN COUNTRY R/T All Terrain Radial Tire-33/12. Built rugged for any terrain, the Open Country R/T offers the perfect blend of excellent off-road traction, durable construction, and aggressive styling, with less on-road noise and a longer-lasting tread. Season: All Season. If you’re looking for as quiet of a street ride as possible, the A/T skewed hybrids are probably your best bet, with the Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ and Falken A/T3Ws being the front runners, though the Toyo R/T also manages to be pretty tame. 5x16 ran me right at 1200 with tax. Toyo is a much heavier tire and costs more. I bought some KO2's to replace some Toyo Open Country AT II's I've had on my 2008 Sequoia for the last 15K'sh miles. Helpful tools make it easy. Increased wet performance and a durable tread life showcase advances in tread design, construction and all-new tread compounding. Described as a hybrid between an A/T (All Terrain) and a M/T (Mud Terrain), Toyo says that this tyre boasts a combination of the best attributes of the Toyo Open Country A/T II and the Toyo Open Country M/T. Off-road performance meets on-road comfort with the all-new Open Country R/T. The Nitto are so squirmy and it will be fine on your truck since they are the same size. au. Tires r sickly awesome looking. An R/T tire can generally handle softer ground and more uneven terrain than an all-terrain product can. Toyo Tires Official Web site. Read: Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. Work well in sand without having to drop below 20psi. com Toyo Open Country RT LT265/75R16 E 31. If you see it, its for sale. They did well on and offroad in slippery and wet conditions as well but they are very heavy The AT2's are a pretty aggressive AT with almost some MT tire characteristics with the deep lugs and aggressive sidewalls. Toyo website lists the 245/65s as 34 lbs. 50R17LT 121Q LRE 10-Ply. What follows is a bit of a comparison/review and a few things I learned about the CT from Toyo tech for those interested or skip below to the bottom line in post #2. 70 M6 M8 Plastic Screws ROHS Nylon HEX Head Cap Screw Machine Bolts Black $0. While this tire is technically marketed as an all-terrain (A/T), its official designation is rugged terrain (R/T). However, since the off-road driver will need a more than just rubber to cover their wheel, we may also have to put extra Toyo open country RT vs. It will still have chip resistance and be softer than a tire made only for the road. The Terra Trac series of tires is an all-season line up of premium SUV, CUV and Light Truck tires. com. Why TOYO TIRES. The Toyos come with 50K mileage warranty, the Pro Comps come with 60K Toyo's are about $300 ea, the Pro Comps $286 ea anyone have experience, or know someone who knows these tires? Thanks for any feedback. Ethics Committee Approval Toyo-Open-Country found in: Toyo Open Country A/T III 265/70-17 Tire, Toyo Open Country A/T III 285/70-17 Tire, Toyo Open Country R/T 35X12. Since AEV is focused on maintaining tow and payload capacities, I assume that load capacity on these tires matters. Wearing well. Toyo Open Country R/T. Sponsored By: Jan 25, 2019 at 11:13 PM #1. Toyo MT vs. Their unique design and manufacturing technologies deliver high-quality, long-lasting tires for nearly every vehicle from light trucks, SUVs, and CUVs to sports cars, luxury sedans, and hybrids. They are noisy won't lye about that. . Last tire question I promise! I think I'm finally down between these two tires in a 33x12. Box 6052, Cypress, CA 90630-0052 714-236-2080 Fax 714-229-6199 West Coast: 800-442-8696 (8:00am to 4:45pm PST) East Coast: 888-444-8696 (8:00am to 4:45pm EST) www. Hardest part was the heat and most enjoyable for me was the unlimited overtime. 00 each. 6. $1300 for the Continentals), and the only major difference on paper to me really is a 40k mile warranty (vs. Toyo Tire is the global leader in innovation and production of tires. It is also optimized for uniform wear and braking response on dry roads. The Open Country A/T 2 offers increased tread life and excellent traction throughout the life of the tyre and an aggressive tread appearance. Most Popular All Terrain Tires AT Tire Reviews . No matter the road, count on Toyo Tires to bring quality and performance to your sports car, luxury saloon, Passenger/Eco run around, SUV, 4x4 or van. prolly get amps before tires. Great tire, alot quieter than the Back Country's I had from Les Schitt's. Joined Feb 14, 2016 · 27 The KO2 has no guarantee for treadlife but the Toyo does. I just picked up a set of Toyo RT in 35/12. 5x20 Toyo Open Country R/T Tire tires offer performance and quality matched by no one from a leader in the automotive industry. The tire, available March 2 in sizes ranging from 15- to 20-in. They also have slightly more of a hum compared to the at2 but unless you’re really listening for it you’re probably not going to notice it. au This season we threw a set of Toyo Open Country A/T II tires on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, and we went everywhere! Installed over the winter we knew we could rely on the inherently icy conditions winter to put them to the test. Another difference I think is the KM2 measures out at 35. 5R18 123Q $363. RT-PCR vs. That alone had my mind made up! Tires ordered, they were delivered direct to Pristine Wheels. All rights reserved. Not so long ago Toyo came out with another hybrid tyre that I am sure is going to do some damage to the market. 5x14. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 25 Posts. Pros: Three-ply sidewalls on LT and flotation sizes; Aggressive tire that still rolls smooth on the street; Cons: P/Euro-metric sizes only have two-ply sidewalls; Standard M+S snow rating; 4WP Link: https://www. Both Toyo Open Country AT2 vs RT have aggressive tread patterns with lots of biting edges and sipes that ensure the best grip and traction. S. Both have a large tread block surface so have minimal block movement. I was out the door @ $674. Toyo AT vs RT Is there a difference in the ride between them? 12-19-2019, 09:11 AM #2. I’ve recommended the C/T to many of my readers, including a professional photographer and adventurer who lives in Jackson, Wyoming. However, with over a foot of snow the Duratrac's are much better as the Open Range clog up and lose traction quickly going uphill. Toyo Open Country A/T III Review. This means that this tire pushes the limits of typical tire categories. We deliver your tires fast and free to a nearby, expert installer. Get it as soon as Thu, Aug 13. I always wanted to try Toyos after having great success both on and off-road with Bridgestone Dueler AT Revo's on multiple different rigs. M170Z 2314. A. Toyo Open Country AT2 and Toyo Open Country RT are well-made tires that can drive on the road as well as off the road. The Toyo Open Country AT ll is an all season, all terrain truck, van and SUV tire that delivers more longevity and durability than the competition. 295/70R18), and on different trucks (2010 GMC 2500 CCSB vs 2008 Ford F350 CCSB), between Nitto Trail Grappler vs Toyo Open Country MT isn’t a direct comparison. When you need new tires, you can trust the experts at Tire Rack to help you find exactly what you need when you need it. 4 on the more Toyo CT vs AT2, impressions - posted in Trucks, Truck Accessories & Mods: Recently we changed out the tires from Toyo AT2 to Toyo CT. Always an all-terrain tire to consider, Toyo just made the Open Country A/T III a practical must-buy for anyone who loves or needs to go off-road. Offering top features, these tires provide you with an optimal driving experience. Nitto ridge grappler in 295/70/18 or toyo rt in 285/75/18? Truck is a 2015 3500 srw crew cab 4x4. Joined Jul 24, 2018 Messages 81 Reaction score 29. 5R20LT - $1379 Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 - 35x12. 50R22LT. 4wheelparts. The Toyo AT3 has off-road traction, on-road wet, dry, and snow traction as well. Authorized Toyo Dealer. . Road noise is the same (minimal) and think the R/T did better on some light trails and mud I tried. The third edition of the Open Country A/T is a leaner, more rugged and capable version of its See full list on broadmag. Got them siped. 50x20 SST Pro- $1886 Toyo RT- $2049 Toyo MT- $2139 As a result, Toyo back all available sizes of the Open Country RT with a 45,000-mile limited treadwear warranty. Vs. A sucker for punishment in the roughest terrain, this heavy-duty do-it-all 4x4 tyre can withstand a beating with the reliability that extreme tourers need to confidently explore Australia’s most remote regions knowing they’ll be able to Check out the Toyo Open Country HERE: http://bit. Its ability to tackle dirt, sand and rocks is inspired by the legendary Open Country M/T, while its quieter ride is a nod to our best-selling Open However, to satisfy its two tone approach the on road handling is improved and the quieter ride will leave you reminded of the All-Terrain power house that is the Open Country A/T II. 7 Aftermarket. But if you want to add to the warranty on your new Toyo RT tires, Discount Tire's exclusive Certificates will cover them on down to 3/32 of wear. There is no surprise debate between Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme. , Sept. Its ability to tackle mud, dirt, sand, and rocks is inspired by the legendary Open Country M/T, while its quieter ride is a nod to our best-selling Open Country A/T II. Piki, Nov 6, 2020 #17. 5 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied . 5R20LT - $1549 Nitto Ridge Grappler - 35x12. Built rugged for any terrain, this tire offers excellent . These are tax and all out he door prices including road force balance. Apparently 37” tire manufacturing has been affected and my 2 go tos are not available for possibly 2-3 months 😳😳 1. Some tires can be delivered the same day you order. To see how Toyo tires match up against Michelin just continue to read our article. Toyo. 5r20 for a set of 20x10s. com Toyo Tanso USA, Inc. bfg. TOYO Open Country AT II All- Season Radial Tire-35X12. Post up pics of whatever you decide! 35" Toyo Open Country A/T II vs Pro Comp A/T Sport They look the same. 1 of 2 Go to page. ©2001 GlamisDunes. Or in plain speak, tire noise! There’s no doubt that my vehicle is spoiling me with a smoother, quieter ride since adopting the Q/T’s. This grey area is home to a few quality brands making extra tough all terrains (or hybrids), like the RT, and a few mud terrains with much better road manners than usual. The Open Country A/T III is built to get there and get back home regardless of the terrain or weather. I wanted another aggressive all-terrain tire, but the Toyos were the worst tire I've ever had. 35" Toyo Open Country R/T * XD "Heist" c/c 20"x9" +30 * OME 612 Full Lift * CB Shims & 3+ Shackles * FS Airbags * AAL * Gooseneck Hitch * BAM S/S Budget * Colored Match Limited Billet Grill * Husky X-Act Liners Front/Rear * Low Pro Toolbox * Vent Visors * Stubby Antenna * AMP Bed Step * Tinted * Colored Match Handles/Mirror Caps 2006 GMC Sierra 1500 Z71 4x4. having had both the Toyo AT3 and RT in 35's on my jeep I went with the RT on my PW simply because they are a truer in size to an actual 35 than the AT3 is. Irok 37x12. Not sure the extra cost and weight is worth it. The All-terrain Open Country A/T II Xtreme light truck tire is designed to perform great in a variety of conditions. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - 35x12. TOYO rapid test. Toyo - Open Country R/T All Terrain Truck SUV. However, KO2s have a reputation for lasting forever. Toyo Tires distributes a complete line of premium replacement tires for high performance cars, luxury vehicles, light trucks, and SUVs as well as commercial trucks, buses, off-road vehicles, and construction applications. Looks like limited sizing initially but I'm sure they will have more sizes available later on. The 33x12. FREE Toyo AT2 Vs Nitto Grapplers G2. 25" lift, Icon 2. 99 each. 7 44 lbs; Maxxis Razr MT 265/75R16 E 31. We will see how they last . Built rugged for any terrain, this tire offers excellent off-road traction, durable construction and aggressive styling. com Toyo AT2s are only 2 ply, and the RT and MT are 3 ply. I've haven't owned the RT's so I can't comment but I have had 2 sets of the MT's and they work well on snow and icy for an MT but don't expect them to performance like a dedicated snow tire. They are slightly larger than the Toyo at 33. 5 682 - equivalent size tire but 55lbs Pricing for the Toyo Open Country AT III starts at just over $600 and ranges to just under $2000 all depending on the size of course. 5x16 Free 2-day shipping. 5 inch rear lift, Toyo Open Country RT 33x12. Having said that I have Toyo AT2 and think they are the best AT tyre I have ever owned, for durability and wear. These burly all-terrain tires can take your truck anywhere – and they have great manners on the road, too. Toyo Open Country AT: Toyo Open Country MT: TrXus Mud Terrain: TrXus STS All Terrain: Yokohama Geolandar: Federal Couragia M/T: Nitto Dura Grappler : Choosing the Right Mud Tire - A No Nonsense breakdown . He has been impressed with their snow capabilities. I just can't see me ever putting on a set of ATII. I have been running Toyo A/T's on my 2014 Tundra Crew Max 4x4 for 2 years now and love them so touch that i actually put the Toyo RT's on my 2016 Trail. I had decided on the Falken Wildpeakes AT3; however, all the local places state there is a back order until mid November. A Highway Terrain tire usually has what is referred to as a rib designed for a reliable quiet ride and longer tread life. My truck sees offroad fairly commonly. Matched Tires …Category: Tires Length: (03:47) Volkswagen Golf GTI Tire Rack Hot Lap Proxes ST III. T OYO rapid test, ELISA vs. The Open Country R/T combines the best of both worlds with a style and quality only Toyo brings to the table. So $564 for just tires. TOYO OPEN COUNTRY AT PLUS 255/65R17 110H Tyroola offers you tyres for the best prices Fast delivery Largest selection of premium and value brands Save Money and Buy Online TOYO OPEN COUNTRY AT PLUS 255/65R17 110H Tyroola. The Open Country M/T combines solid on-road performance with extra ground clearance, higher load-carrying capacity, and greater ability to go off-road. Buy Toyo Open Country R/T 285/65R18 125 Q Tire at Walmart. Questions and Answers for the Toyo T1R 2018-07-11 - For many years I used continental's sport contact 2(195/45/15) for my Peugeot 106 and the grip is excellent. com is Trademarked with the USPTO How do the MT's vs KM2 stack up in the mud and snow? A little off topic since OP is from AZ but it is a comparision of the two. INSTAGRAM: @duramaxking2500LED LIGHTS: https://amzn. Running 295x70x17 tires on our rig provides sure footed traction and an additional inch of lift over the stock 265s. Swinging them on a 2 level with minor rubbing. H/T tires use specialized tread grooves, rubber compounds and internal structures to reduce rolling resistance. toyo. 5" level) on 1500 4x4 Joe Fury Snr wrote:My Cruiser is running 285 x 75 x 16 Toyo Open Country R/T's ~ these tyres are outright dangerous grip wise on wet bitumen, had the fright of my life when the Cruiser did a major four wheel side ways slide in heavy traffic on Wannaroo Road ~ Perth. 88 gears, 37x12. Check out our impressions of the all-new Toyo Open Country A/T 3 all-terrain tire after the first 500 miles of rain, snow, mud, and pavement driving! The Toyo RT sits in the emerging grey area between traditional all-terrains and mud-terrains. The Open Country Rugged Terrain (Open Country R/T) 4x4 tyre from Toyo Tires is a next-generation 4WD tyre that combines the extreme puncture-resistance and strength of an M/T with the long-wearing compound and sealed road performance of an A/T to service the emerging ‘hybrid’ tyre category. Toyo Tire Corporation Executive Office 6261 Katella Avenue Suite 2B Cypress, CA 90630 P. 5/20 Toyo Open Country R/T Tire tires . It’s called the RT, and is almost a cross between a mud terrain and all terrain. Toyo Open Country R/T Tire Review By Douglas Forinash December 12, 2014 In the world of off road, tire selection is likely the single most important consideration of your setup for one main reason – your tires are the only part of your rig that actually touch the rugged terrain beneath. Pros Toyo also notes that the R/T features an optimized pattern layout designed to reduce road noise for quieter operation on the road. 5 lbs; Falken Wildpeak A/T3W 265/75R16 31. 3 vs 13. Toyo Open country RT vs Nitto Ridge Grappler - Have a ‘17 F250 and put the RT’s on it early this yr. Toyo Open Country RT tires are rugged in styling and is durably constructed and are 100% American-made at the state-of-the-art Toyo Tires factory right here in Georgia. In addition to their excellent traction, the Q/T’s are exceptionally quiet tires thanks to Toyo’s Silent Wall Technology, which reduces pipe resonance. First Name Zac Joined Sep 11, 2017 Messages 2,618 Re: Toyo CT VS Duratracs I'm a pretty big toyo fan but a guy I work with had a set of CT's operating wells and at 30000km peeled both grips right off not sure if it was a bum set or what happened but he scalped them, completely separated. AT. Toyo Proxes Sport A/S The Toyo Proxes Sport A/S is half the cost at 4 for $600 (vs. AT. I heard minimal increase in road noise compared to factory tires, but I also drive a Jeep on 37” MTs so my tolerance to road noise is probably higher than Check out the review of the new Toyo Open Country A/T II as we put some time on new rubber. Both the BFG T/A K02 and the Toyo Open Country ATIII are solid tires, which tire is right for you depends on what you are looking for in your next tire and what conditions you drive in. Selecting tire is just as important for any vehicle no matter for city driver and off-road enthusiast. I haul heavy loads at times but not often. 4. Avg mpg is about 24-25 for mixed driving. 1 : Multi-Directional Staggered Block Design Offers excellent on and off-road traction while providing a smooth riding over the highway experience Buy new Toyo Open Country A/T III tires from SimpleTire at the lowest cost and get them delivered directly to you, or one of our 20,000+ installation centers in days. Someday sideways we will find each other again, but not with these Toyo Open Country AT3 tires – they could find traction on Teflon. Topping the list of SUV tires for longevity is the Open County Q/T wit a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty. Toyo Tires Open Country R/T All-Terrain Radial Tire-35X12. Joined Apr 9, 2014 · 145 Posts . Thread starter Renegade; Start date Jul 16, 2019; Renegade Well-Known Member. NicReu · Registered. The only reason i went with the E Range tire vs the C Range is the tread depth. Available in the Open Country M/T; Open Country R/T; and Open Country A/T II tires, sizes include 35x12. Toyo Open Country R/T 38X15. Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire - 35 x 1250R18 123Q. 2014 3500 MCSB, BAP, 2. O. 5x20 Toyo MT vs 295/65/20 Toyo AT2 Extreme - Hey guys, running 35 toyo MTs right now. The MTs are more money, but I'm The Toyo MT is expensive, and wore out quick, too. 5" rear, 4. That should tell you how good Toyo tires really are. All are 35x12. 5R20LT - The Nittos look awesome. All other specs, really the same. With the AEV wheels, and specific backspacing, the only tires I can find as options in 37x12. Read: Nitto Ridge Grappler vs. You can choose from black or white sidewall lettering depending on your style. Toyo RT’s. Toyo’s most versatile tire has just been updated with with more capability than ever before. At first I was little disappointed with them my wife was driving and the roads were barely damp and she said she got on it a bit and broke lose real easy. I drive at least a few thousand Toyo Tires has been focused on making tires people love since 1945. Toyo Tires 25% Off at 4 Wheel Online! Choose from our inventory of Toyo Tires. Page 2 of 3 < Prev 1 2 3 Next > Aug 25, 2017 The Toyo RT's were an excellent all around aggressive tire. Toyo describe it as a next-generation 4WD tyre that combines off-road performance with on-road comfort. Toyo Tires Canada, Richmond, British Columbia. However, all weak positive results of ELISA and WB were excluded from the study. Within an hour of installation we hit the back roads aggressively, pushing it to the limit on the thinly ice-covered pavement . I run 38/15. RA-1 were common for block movement creating a "squirmy" feel to them when new, but coming less noticeable as they wear down. It's a pretty common thing. Corp. bfg. I run the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 and love them, the driving I do is comparible to yours. Toyo launched their own in-house drift racing team in 2014 and quickly showed why drift racers had been using their tires for years, winning the series in just their second year. 5" when mounted on the cruiser wheel (345/75/16) Seems like the toyo only comes in 37x13. Love them. Toyo Open Country AT2, as expected, is particularly great on snow and ice. That seems like the perfect balance of size, weight, and load rating for our 4Runners. Proxes STIII is a summer SUV tire providing improved wet braking and dry handling for very high performance and tuned vehicles. 0 (to be replaced) and Eibach 1" rear springs, Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 LTE 265 70 17, RCI set of front 3/16 skids, Shrockworks step sliders and 3/16 steel gas tank skid, C4Fab rear diff skid, Rockmen rear LCAs, Total Chaos rear LCA bracket skids, Diode Dynamics SS3 white fog lights). Posted By: JJHACK Toyo open country RT. Toyo are known for producing high quality tyres that offer outstanding road holding in all conditions, at all speeds. rim diameters, was developed with a strong focus on wet performance, durability and treadwear life, Toyo says. R/T tire performance will differ by manufacturer, so let’s start with the similarities: Thick, deep sidewall edges with rugged designs match the terrain these tires can conquer. GlamisDunes. It’s quiet, wears well and has great traction. 50R16LT on a 16x10 Wheel at $379. OPEN COUNTRY R/T Tires by TOYO®. Each tire cost $188. Currently, there are 55 SKUs fitting wheels from 15- to 24-inches in diameter with flotation sizes up to 40-inches in diameter. Usually aroung 8 to 10k bumper pull but occasional heavy gooseneck loads. In my experience though the larger reduction will come from the tire width, which is why i see a lot of people running 255/75/17's, vs say 275/65. so far I love this truck over my f150. A. With our nationwide shipping, we make buying truck, SUV and Car tires online easy for you. Management usually only comes when there is a problem with production. Very low road noise, still have coloured lines in tread and only about 10% wear after 35,000klm in 4yrs. I am impressed with their RT design, good looking tread pattern. Schedule an installation with your preferred mechanic to make tire buying a painless and simple process. The calcu-lation was made including the positive and negative results. au RRP: POA We Say: Durable, reliable all-rounder The Toyo Open Country A/T III is here to show Toyo isn't just challenging the all-terrain tire establishment anymore. com. to/2yVC8byVLOG CAMERA: https://amzn. 18,629 likes · 13 talking about this · 8 were here. Toyo Tires ranks 115 of 487 in Auto Parts and Accessories category. 50R16LT on a 16x12 wheel at $402. Tire Rack offers Toyo The Open Country R/T is particularly interesting because it occupies a whole new niche in the Toyo lineup. Description. The overall rating of the company is 1. Even some features perform better than Toyo RT like winter or wet operating, clam riding, and fuel management. I'm going to put new tires on the truck this winter. Data were analyzed using Microsoft to calculate the frequencies as percentages. The calcu- Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme – What should be Your Choice. The team continues to have success, and in the last few seasons the drivers have raced a Toyota Supra, solidifying Toyo’s relationship with the Japanese conglomerate. 50R17 E/10PR BSW Toyo created the R/T to satisfy the drivers who want a more aggressive look and tread but don’t need a mud tire and its shortcomings in certain road surfaces. Toyo is the clear winner across the board, but now im just trying to figure out AT, RT or MT I drive mostly road, but my DD (97 12v) is also our cross-country trip vehicle, camping vehicle and in the event of emergency my bug out vehicle. 50R20 vs. Many times they look like they form straight consistent pattern to allow for better straight line stability on paved roads. is a company that has been dealing with struggles recently but the future for the company looks very bright. TOYO OPEN COUNTRY M/T Tyre Review At Tyresales we try our best to help you make descision in purchasing the best TOYO OPEN COUNTRY M/T tyre for your vehicle. I will drive it to school every day, so I need it to be Toyo tyres offer a complete selection of premium replacement tyres for most makes and models of car, manufacturing the best tyres for high-performance, family and luxury vehicles, 4WD, 4X4 and SUVs, light and heavy commercial trucks and buses. Let me know if you guys have had better luck in the sand than me. 5R18 118Q. TOYO rapid test. 50R18LT and 37X12. If we can help please let us know. View Profile View Forum Posts Senior Member Join Date Jun 2012 As far as individual tire choice goes, that’s going to depend on what you're looking for. I was pretty set on getting the Toyo open country R/T tires and then got the below prices on tires. New sizes are added whenever there is a need. The Open Country C/T is quiet for the void it offers, and no louder than the Toyo R/T or A/T II Xtreme with which I am familiar in similar sizes. Note that not all Nitto Ridge Grappler models are LT tires, meaning some have tread depth measurement of about 13. Nov 6, 2020 at 5:25 PM Toyo Tires OPEN COUNTRY R/T 10 Ply Radial Tire-35/12. CHECK FOR PRICE. The Toyo Open Country AT II Xtreme summer/all season tire offers over 40% more treadlife than the leading competitors, a blatantly aggressive tread design, and a quiet ride. However a quick glance shows the common sizes available and they're pretty light weight. 50 PPEI Tuned, 5" exhaust, Airdog 4G, PPEI intake, EDGE CTS SOLD 03 2500 built trans/efi/leveled 1972 Nova Built 350 w/ 700r4 1966 Mustang 5. Cooper STT Pro are in same boat. Huge Toyo fan here. 5 out of 5 stars (6) 6 product ratings - 4 New Toyo Open Country A/t Iii - P285x55r20 Tires 2855520 285 55 20 Toyo R888 for sprints 5 lap stuff at QR, I don't rate the RT615 as a track tyre but is great as a dry weather street tyre. Super, super, quiet compared to the GY's and works much better on ice and plowed snow. Ends in the middle of October. The Open Country R/T complements the power and style of your vehicle. 5 versus 16. The Open Country R/T gives tough tourers the all-round performance required to reach the And the topic of Toyo Open Country AT2 vs Cooper Discoverer AT3 is out in the open now. 00 each. wiz18. Point S tire centers are doing a buy 3 get 1 free with TOYO. I've decided to go with a 285/75/18. Toyo R888 for sprints 5 lap stuff at QR, I don't rate the RT615 as a track tyre but is great as a dry weather street tyre. Off-road performance meets on-road comfort with the all-new Open Country R/T. We won’t get into all the features The Open Country R/T is a “tyre first” for Toyo. On toyo's website they rate the RT's 4 and MT's 3. Toyo Tires Open Country R/T All-Terrain Radial Tire-35X12. Type: Truck / SUV, All Terrain / Off Road / Mud. Well, we can tell you that they’re here now and that’s good for we on and off-roaders, because there’s a genuine halfway-house between all-terrains and muddies. Unsprung weight is a huge deal, and will certainly reduce your MPG's. Toyo Open Country AT Tires from Discounted Wheel Warehouse! We have many sizes and styles to choose from, all at Discount Prices. Part # 350180 " Toyo Off Road, Mud and Truck Tires. View full feature and benefits. I've pretty well decided on giving Toyos a shot from all the recommendations and love for them that I've heard. RA-1 were common for block movement creating a "squirmy" feel to them when new, but coming less noticeable as they wear down. I don't know the Toyo's but my tire guy recommended the Open Range over the Toyo AT's and he carried both. ATV Tire Reviews Other features are Toyo’s advances in tread design, construction, and all-new tread compounding. Both have a large tread block surface so have minimal block movement. The two really can't be compared (apples to oranges) since they run in two separate classes. 12 $ 322. I can't decide which to go with, the AT or the MT. The Open Country Rugged Terrain (Open Country R/T) 4x4 tyre from Toyo Tires is a next-generation 4WD tyre that combines the extreme puncture-resistance and strength of an M/T with the long-wearing compound and sealed road performance of an A/T to service the emerging ‘hybrid’ tyre category. Created for use on and off-road. The new, higher carrying capacity tires were developed to meet the needs of late model truck owners and dealers. com. I didn’t want to go down the Toyo route again, so peeking at some reviews and seeing what was on the market the Dunlop Sportmaxx RT2’s had some great write ups. I just had a slight rub on the left mudflap while turning onto a side street when I hit a valley gutter at 15 mph. 00. 50R22 Toyo R/T, and much more to come Click to expand The Open Country R/T combines the best features found in the Open Country A/T II for all terrain and paved road performance…while blending many of the off-road features found in the legendary Open Country M/T. ly/2KMLqdhCheck out the Nitto Ridge Grappler: http://bit. Therefore, the tires We reported in Loaded 4X4 Issue 001 about the imminent arrival of Toyo’s new (to Australia) Rugged Terrain (R/T). The Open Country A/T III all-terrain tire delivers gripping off-road traction with responsive and predictable on-road handling. 50R20LT Toyo Open Country R/T (Rugged Terrain) tires on my 2015 GMC Sierra All Terrain 4x4. 80. Hyper-Aggressive Shoulder Design with Road-Optimized Interior Tread The Toyo Open Country R/Ts offer up a blend of off-road performance and on-road ride comfort by making the shoulders of each tire fairly aggressive In process of accumulating the parts and pieces for next build. Toyo Open Country R/T 285/65/R18 Want an aggressive look, without a TON of road noise, I'm not doing much hardcore off-roading, in a bigger tire than my 265/65/R18 I have now (on their last bit of tread life). My option right now to fit build time is the Nitto Ridge Grappler VS Toyo RT Trying to Decide between the Toyo Open Country RT and Nitto Ridge Grappler? I’ve been running these two for several years now on two different trucks, and wanted to share my personal thoughts about these tires. On the higher side is the Open Country HT with a 60,000 mile treadwear warranty. RT Discussion in 'Ford F-150 Raptor General Discussions [GEN 2]' started by CCole77, Aug 25, 2017. KOII - 01/06/16. We were on our second set of AT2s on this truck. So, AT or RT? Two friends of mine are running the Toyo Open Country R/T, Tundra and FJ. Good luck there are so many good choices. Last. You'll find an informative tech area, a place for Member’s Journals, Vendors with Special Members Pricing, Plus More! Toyo matches up well against Michelin tires scoring in the high 4s on a scale of 5, with 5 being excellent. I'm very happy with my MXTs. 50/18 Toyo MT and get 55,000 miles out of them as long as I take it easy leaving stop signs. Don't get us wrong: the Open Country R/T is tough. About 5 months old on the FJ and 3 weeks old on the Tundra. On the other hand, Toyo RT provides a higher level of off-road riding. It comes with the data you need to see how well Toyo performs against a top competitor. This all happened in a heartbeat with little break application pressure. Toyo at2 vs Toyo Open Country R/T: The Toyo R/Ts compared to the at2 will perform better in snow, sand and mud and the ride quality is pretty similar to the at2. I could not get Falkens in that size either due to being backordered. 5 inch front level with Bilstein 5100's set at 0 lift, 1. Toyo Tires was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Sep 02, 2008 and since then this brand received 16 reviews. I like the Toyo's 3 Mountain rating for the snow but the last Nitto set that was rated the same slipped on wet roads fairly easy. A rib design refers to the tread pattern being designed with symmetrical blocks for a smoother predictable ride. SEE MORE PHOTOS. 9 - 57 lbs; Toyo Open Country M/T LT265/75R16 E 32 61lbs heavy; Yokohoma Geolandar MT G003 265/75R16 (E) 30. If you notice Toyo RT Vs AT2 Extreme, then you will understand both tires are phenomenal. That soft front suspension dipped just enough to briefly make contact. The Open country AT II Xtreme from Toyo will offer outstanding performance off road as well as on the pavement without sacrificing durability. Posts: 454 Likes re: Toyo Open country RT vs Nitto Ridge Grappler Posted by WHODAT514 on 10/14/19 at 10:44 am to reds on reds on reds yea that's the plan for mine. Most notably the one that has my eye is the 285/75/17 C-rated that weighs 59 pounds. They are surprisingly quiet for a mud terrain. The Open Country R/T provides reliable traction in dirt, mud or snow while staying quiet on the highway. See how these new heavy duty tires are perfect for your work truck or toy in this month's issue of 8-Lug Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 vs Toyo Open Country A/T II Per my previous post, I am looking at replacing the tires on my RAM 1500 Express. 5 out of 5 for snow and icy and wet handling. Back in May, I mounted up a set of 33X12. The M149 from Toyo Tires is a highway-rib, super-single tyre that can be used on trailer and steer axles for sealed-road applic More info. I've wanted MTs for years but all the darn threads on here with people liking their RTs has me reconsidering. Built rugged for any terrain, this powerful 4x4 tire offers excellent off-road traction, durable construction, and aggressive styling. Get free 45-day returns and guaranteed installation rates. Go. Irok TrXus 37X12. I like them even better then the ATll's. I cover noise, wear, traction, and overall value in this video to help … day at Toyo is pretty much the same each day come in go to your stand ties are waiting there for you when you arrive. Toyo also notes that the R/T features an optimized pattern layout designed to reduce road noise for quieter operation on the road. Hey truck guys! I just finished up my comparison-&-review of the Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac and the Toyo Open Country ATII/AT2. It is not made to fare well in deep mud or snow but it can get you through some rough situations. It's a 35 that is not to wide for the stock wheels. And both vehicles haven't been on snow or mud/4wheeling. Punishher7 Senior Member. 3" vs 33. The Open Country R/T is available from your Toyo Tires retailer, in a wide range of sizes to suit 16-, 17-, 18-, 20- and 22-inch wheels, all in Light Truck construction. Another thing to think about is availability. I looked in Toyo’s direction because I’ve had success with Experience the next generation of 4WD tyres with the Open Country R/T, a rugged-terrain ‘hybrid’ tyre that combines the go-anywhere versatility of an all-terrain with the extreme durability and traction of a mud-terrain for the best of both worlds. The NT05 has a stiffer or reinforced carcass, for precision handling and cornering. Yours In Automotive Adventure, Nick Toyo Open Country AT 3 Review. The R/T falls between the tried and true Off-Road standout Open Country M/T and the quieter and plusher Open Country ATII. 1" and 5 lbs heavier. 50R18LT F/12 XT 128Q. Definitely smooth and quiet. Run them on 32psi and excellant ride and handling. 2L, White Diamond, 2. Toyo makes a long mileage tire no matter which one you pick !! If you are often driving on the road and want something that closer to an AT, Toyo RT will be the better option but for those who want to play hard especially with mud and have no issue with loud tire, MT is still the choice you may want to have. 5r20 Toyo RT's, 20x9 Method NV's I'm making this harder than it should but I just can't decide. 50R18 towing our 28-foot Trails West RPM gooseneck trailer. Toyo MT vs BFG KM2 Dunlop D402 vs American Elite Toyo Open Country AT3 Tire Test Off-Road In Snow, Mud, Rocks, and Dirt. TOYO rapid test, ELISA vs. Have roughly 16-17k on them so far. With a strong focus on wet performance, durability and treadwear life, Toyo introduces advances in tread design, construction and all-new tread compounding. Toyo Tires Australia has a wide range of premium tyres to suit your vehicle, whether it’s a 4WD, SUV, passenger or performance car, bus, light or heavy truck. The Open Country RT tire was designed to be more aggressive than the new Open Country MT when driving off-road, while having a quieter side when on the pavement like the Open Toyo Tires Official Web site. So I don't think you have to worry about the guarantee for treadife. Toyo Open Country R/T 35X12. 5-24 F Tire. ly/2pLdVknWe frequently get asked "What is the best Toyo Tires OPEN COUNTRY R/T 10 Ply Radial Tire-35/12. In the early years Toyo's had issues now days nothing but fun. com. The RT is a combination of a hard wearing AT compound and the puncture resistant strength of an MT. CYPRESS, CA – Toyo Tire U. I'm running the r/t. The Toyo would be better on wet pavement and highway, but won't do the best in the deep mud. And for drivers who want a little more tread than an A/T has to offer. I Ran BFG's for year's and switched to the Toyo because my last set of BFG KO's were terrible. 50k on the Continental). The RT was promising to be quiet, have excellent off road ability and be super strong. I need an honest opinion from someone. Toyo Open Country After a bunch of research I ended up with the Toyo RT's (33/12. Meanwhile, Falken turned its focus to drifting as a source of performance image marketing. WB vs. Toyo MT LT385/70R16 130Q D/8 (38X15. " it truly is a better tire than any of the competitive manufacturers off road tires in all areas that you would need a tire to perform well at, and I know that from experience. Chunky tread blocks with a high void ratio expel mud, rocks and other debris as if the rough road ahead were moving out of the way for the mighty R/T. Plenty of tyre choices, plenty of deals at WhichTyre. 5-20 E. 12. 5/18 and prefer the R/T. Usage: I live in Canada so I need it for all occasions. We know many SUV and light truck consumers want the aggressive looks of mud-terrain tires, but they don’t necessarily need the extreme off-road capability that those tires provide, nor do they want the on-road compromises. 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 19 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, 23 inch, 24 inch BF Goodrich Tires. The tire This item Toyo OPEN COUNTRY R/T All-Terrain Radial Tire - 305/55R20 121Q. TOYO Open Country RT Wheel & Tire Packages Ship Free! Buy Your TOYO Open Country RT Tires Now, Offer Ends Soon! COVID-19 Update: We remain open. I am very pleased with them, during cornering, acceleration etc even with 200BHP without an LSD. The work place consisted of workers from various cultural backgrounds, this allowed many workers to connect on different levels with one another. Looks like Toyo just released their updated Open Country all-terrain, the AT-III. I just had a buddy take a set of the KO2's off his 13 F350 with less than 30k on them. Their focus has always been on durability, innovation, quality and performance. I do a fair amount of off road and I do live on a gravel road, but this is my daily driver so most of my driving is on road. jrmitt808 Active Member. Irok TrXus 38. 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Off-road performance meets on-road comfort with the all new Open Country ® R/T by Toyo Tires ®. My current Toyo RT's are ready to go with PLENTY of miles on them, well over 45k. Built to go the distance on the highway, the job-site or off-road trails these tires are primed and ready to rule the road and dominate the dirt. This is the best yet COUNTRY HUNTER R/T. 00R16) on a 16x11 wheel at $373. 4 New Toyo Open Country A/t Iii - P285x55r20 Tires 2855520 285 55 20 (Fits: 285/55R20) 4. The wet weather handling was also rated A on the tyre label…the Toyos? A lowly E. 50/20R). Is the cost difference really worth it to get the Toyo's?? Toyo Open Country RT - 35x12. That is the only reason I went that way. 50R20LT, 33X12. I can’t comment on handling in the snow here in Texas, but my wife says they handle better thank stock. Nitto Trail Grappler vs Toyo Open Country MT Some little different sizes (35×12. Exactly what i was looking for quiet yet aggressive. For the money,on road ride quality and off road performance would the Coopers be as good as the toyo? I know they may not last quite as long but there is a good price difference between the 2. If anyone has something good or bad to say about Toyo. Cooper tires don't see much love on the forums I guess because they don't have much advertisements on TV and in the magazines. When I bought new tires I wanted to go with the Toyo RT, but I couldn't find any, so I had to order them. Toyo MT vs RT Discussion in 'Exterior' started by Punishher7, Jan 25, 2019. Toyo’s Open Country M/T® are an aggressive mud traction radial. On paper, the Toyo Open Country A/T III is appealing to us for a few reasons. Official Facebook page of Toyo Tires Canada - a place for auto enthusiasts and Toyo fans to share their pictures, stories and comments. The Toyo Open Country R/T on-/off-road Rugged Terrain tire is poised to attack 2015 1500 SLT AT CCSB 4X4 6. . These tires fill the wheel well with massively lugged rubber just weeping testosterone. The Toyo Open Country A/T III is an all-terrain tire that delivers gripping off-road traction with quiet responsive and predictable on-road handling. Always had m/t tires on my 02 Tacoma. Least Popular Tires . The Toyo Open Country R/T is available in many popular diameters for 15- to 24-inch wheels. However, AT2 Extreme covers some additional features. Have 265/65/17 toyo open country A/T on 07 Hilux, excellant in the wet, especially on a ute. Official Facebook page of Toyo Tires Canada - a place for auto enthusiasts and Toyo fans to share Cooper Discoverer STT Pro vs. 5x22 (Front 2. 5 March 20, 2017 David Whitener Editor's note- For more in depth conversation about David Whitener's background, and to be blown away by how much this guy, and his wife/team test setup/tires/etc, tune into SlipAngle Podcast, episode 112. Mixed vs. Toyo Open Country R/T in 37x13. They get the best mileage and tire life in general. When Toyo Tires introduced its newest all-terrain light truck tire––the Open Country A/T III–– we thought it could be a contender for the favorites list. That, + the Toyo's are 5lbs heavier per tire. Oh, I a, in SFLA. TOYO rapid test, and WB vs. 5 out of 5 stars 10. The toyos have a 45K warranty and that is appealing to me considering our Rams are pretty hard on tires. First up is the Toyo Open Country Mt Review. It's a firm contender among the best of the best options out there, and won't leave you disappointed on any level if you’re looking for more out of your truck, CUV or SUV. 4. As far as performance goes the AT3 does it all it seems. com/p/toyo-open-country-r-t-tires/10487 Had A/T II in 275/75/18 but I switched to the R/T in 35 x 12. I'm really torn right now between them and the Toyo RT's. 50R20s and put them on our 2018 Ram 2500 diesel sled hauler. Here's a few pics, a you tube link and a link to my review. In recent years we've been using the Cooper STT with great results in mud, rocks & mileage. We specifically tested the Toyo Open Country AT 3 in a 265/60/R18 size on 18×8 steel Terrafirma wheel on a 2009 Land Rover LR3 Go anywhere, any time with the Open Country A/T II, a true all-terrain tyre that’s surprisingly capable off-road but retains the sealed road sensibilities to keep daily drivers safe and long-distance tourers sane, whether that be in a 4x4 ute, 4WD wagon or soft-roader SUV. Cognito 10-12" lift, AAM 11. (Toyo Tires ®) is proud to announce the addition of F-load range tires to the brand’s popular Open Country line of light truck products. Toyo Open Country Well we got our first snow of the year on Saturday, and my son called and woke me up at 9:00am complaining that he got my 2wd Ranger stuck in the ditch. 50x17 are the Toyo RT/MT, or the BFG K02/KM. The 33x12. Anyone have experience with the Toyo Rt and BFG KO2 which is a better on road ride? I liked the Toyo in my friends truck but I have never driven the new KO2. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Aug 25, 2017 Prices of each are below. (revolutions per mile) if you are running a smaller size probably not. This is what makes them a trusted tyre choice for many vehicle owners. Toyo R/T vs Nitto Exo 6. RT Discussion in 'Ford F-150 Raptor General Discussions [GEN 2]' started by CCole77, Aug 25, 2017. Orders are being Toyo R888R, and Hankook RS4 vs BFGoodrich Rival-S 1. 5R18 123Q $363 Drives: 2016 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab Z71 4x4 with 4" BDS lift with Fox coil overs with DSC and Fox rears, 35" Toyo RT's on custom factory 20's Posted June 7, 2017 (edited) I have had the AT2's and currently have the RT's. Cooper Discoverer ST Maxx. Super aggressive tread, whisper quiet compared to the MT's and a 45,000 mile warranty. Couldn't recommend them more if I tried. I chose the Toyo’s and I have to say I am very happy with my choice they are no louder than my previous tyres which was surprising, handle perfectly and Save on Toyo Open Country R/T tires at TireBuyer. Excel to calculate the frequencies as percentages. to/2 295/70 R18 vs 275 70R18 Falken wild peaks at3 . Toyo R/T 35x12. Those are all 50psi (vs 65) tires, all have 3525-3595lbs per tire ratings. 99 TIRE PRESSURE Tread Depth Toyo Open Country R/T Tread and Profile. com. H/T tires are specifically geared toward highway driving, which means that fuel economy is a higher priority than outright traction. 16. RT-PCR vs. Later, Kumho, Toyo, Dunlop, Yokohama and BFGoodrich all took turns at the top of this category. Discussion The Toyo Open Country A/T II Xtreme is an all-season all-terrain light truck/SUV tire built for long durability and rugged traction on mud, dirt, or snow. The NT05 is a max performance summer tire where the Toyo Proxes TQ is a DOT approved competition drag radial. I doubt they would rub on stock suspension, but who knows. toyo rt vs at